A Compact Inner City Home

Small House

Our client saw the potential for a small dwelling in the rear garden of their existing older house in Wellington’s inner-city suburb of Mount Victoria.

The trend towards smaller homes is a rapidly growing phenomenon. Whether inspired by the increasingly unaffordable existing house market, a desire to downsize and live more simply or in a bid to maximize the income-generating potential of a site; we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries about designing more compact houses.

Designing a small house has a number of inherent design challenges – but style and functionality do not have to be sacrificed for a small footprint. Clever design and efficient use of space can make a small home feel larger.

The frosted glass enclosed balcony breaks up the simple black exterior lines and allows natural light inside, whilst retaining a degree of privacy for the occupants - an important consideration in a densely populated inner city area. 

Project Location - Mount Victoria, Wellington, NZ


Photography by Brent Higham